It is absolutely normal for the MACH vacuum cleaner to leave a small amount of water stain after cleaning the floors. However, users can choose to press the self-cleaning button on the vacuum cleaner three times consecutively to turn on the Jetblade™ floor quick-drying function (MACH V1 Ultra only), and the vacuum cleaner can start drying the floors during its cleaning process to effectively reduce water stain after cleaning the floors.

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Please note that using steam mode may result in the vacuum cleaner leaving water stains on the floors. This is because the high-temperature steam in steam mode condenses into water droplets, which will leave water marks on the floors.

While using the steam mode, it is recommended to clean in forward-only motion, then switch to suction mode with Jetblade™ floor quick-drying function after cleaning in places with water stains.

For floors with multiple water stains, such as bathroom floors, it is recommended to use suction mode to effectively remove water stains.


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