Please add cold tap water to the clean water tank and do not exceed the MAX mark before using the MACH V1 series. If the MACH V1 series triggers an insufficient water error when there is water in the clean water tank, this error could be caused by the rubber cover on the clean water tank or the clean water tank is not installed properly.


Please try the following troubleshooting steps to verify if the issue can be resolved:

  • Verify the rubber cover is installed properly by opening the rubber cover and then fully pressing it down. Please note that the surface of the clean water tank should be smooth if the rubber cover is completely sealed.

  • Make sure the clean water tank is installed properly. Please verify the gap between the bottom of the clean water tank is evenly aligned with the main body of the vacuum cleaner.

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  • Confirm the nozzle is positioned correctly, and then power on the MACH V1 series to observe whether the vacuum cleaner is dispensing water from the clean water tank.


If you have any further questions, please contact MyAnker Support team for assistance.