The MACH V1 series is designed to easily navigate and clean the floors. However, please avoid the following two common mistakes that will cause the vacuum to be difficult to use.


Incorrect angle (too high or too low)


Currently, all wet and dry vacuum cleaners on the market are equipped with large water tanks, which make the vacuum cleaner relatively heavy once the water tanks are filled with water.

When using your MACH V1 series, it is highly recommended to keep the main body of the vacuum at a 35-40° angle to the ground and follow the vacuum's forward motion to efficiently and effortlessly clean your entire house.


The inconsistent forward and backward motion


Please note that the new MACH V1 series is designed using forward-only traction. The MACH V1 series is equipped with a motor that pulls the vacuum in a forward motion, making cleaning easy and effortless. When cleaning your entire house, simply push the vacuum forward and navigate the vacuum to effectively clean your floors.


If you have any further questions, please contact MyAnker Support team for assistance.