Why are all my devices not visible after logging in?

If you choose a new region that is different from the previous one, the existing devices will not show up. Please log out of the app and reselect the correct region.



Why are all my shared devices not visible after logging in?

Please tap "My Home" and then tap the "Shared Device" to view all devices currently being shared with you.



How to enable the Security Report Feature?

The feature is disabled by default. You can enable it in the eufySecurity app. App side menu > Lab features > Daily Security Report.



What are the contents of the Daily Security Report?

The Daily Security Report contains all the thumbnails of the entire day, which can give you a quick overview of what happened in your home on a specific day.


Where is the Settings button for the device? 

On the device tab, please click the "..." icon to find the Settings button.



Where is the Snooze function?

On the device tab, please click the "..." icon to find the Snooze button.



What is the difference between “Share Home” and “Share Device”?

With ”Share Home”, devices are either added or removed from a specific Home profile and it is not necessary to share the same Home profile again. The new device information of the specific Home will be automatically synchronized to other shared users.

On the other hand, “Share Device” emphasizes single device sharing and is more flexible. It is used when you want to share only certain devices.

Note: If the app version of the admin account is running v4.0, but the app version of the shared account is older than v4.0, the device can only be shared using "Share Device" and not "Share Home".


Why are the device tabs of some devices different?

Depending on the products, the device tabs highlight the main features of a specific product, so the device tabs will be different.


Why the shared account can’t view the Daily Security Report?

Only the admin account has access to the Daily Security Report. If your account is a shared account, the Daily Security Report can’t be viewed.