To help you change the password on eufySecurity App. 


Forget The Password When Log Out

Normally, the phone will remember the eufySecurity App password within one month if the account hasn’t been logged out or squeezed out. If you forget the password when logging out, you can change the password via the following steps.


1. Click the "forgot password" under the account chart. 


2. You will receive a request in your email box. Click the "Reset password". 


3. Enter your new password according to the principles. 


4. After entering the password allowed, you will see the password reset successfully. 

5. If you fail on the mobile phone, you can also change your password on our eufylife website. You can reset the password by clicking the "Forgot your password".


Forget The Current Password When in Logged In Status

The App needs to be logged in once a month. If you forget the password when you still have your account logged in, you can change the password in account settings by following the in-App instructions. 


Steps in the App: Slide the side menu > Tap your email account > Password > Tap Forgot Passwords.


For quick log in the next time, you are able to verify your fingerprint for App. Please make sure that you have enabled the fingerprint on the phone for eufy Security App at first.