Welcome to an introduction to the MyEufy Smart help center, where you can find answers to all the questions you may have been too afraid to ask!

If you're longing for human interaction... Our support team would be more than happy to hear from you and do their best to support you at the highest levels! 

Please click the button below (on the webpage, not this article), to submit a support Ticket (there are even different types, to ensure your enquiry goes to the best person to help you!).

Alternatively, for those of you, who like to be self sufficient and find the answer yourself, you can utilise different features of the Smart help center to provide access to support articles, manuals and even some video guides to assist you, without having to waste time waiting for a response from a customer service representative. Let’s take a couple minutes to learn a few of these functions below:

1. Search Section 

The search bar will take your keywords and reference our solution articles and provide the best results it can. It looks like the one below and is easy to find at the top of the Smart help center.

2. Browse by Product  (coming soon... we promise!)

This feature will provide a graphical option to browse by the category of the product you wish to see support for.

3. Introduction of Articles

On the main page of the Smart help centre you will see the solutions articles listed in our help section (looks like below):

You can click in to any of these (or the category heading), to view the article. Once viewing an article, there is also a Sidebar navigation so you can bounce through different sections, seen below:

And don't forget - You can always go back to the start of the Smart help center by clicking the link below at the top of the page: