eufy’s mission of protecting our customers’ privacy and security has recently reached another milestone with the launch of one of eufy’s latest innovative all-in-one 2K cameras called the Indoor Cam Mini 2K. The eufy Indoor Cam Mini 2K is designed to monitor activities inside your home where your 2.4GHz WiFi network is able to reach.


Secure Local and Cloud Storage

eufy Indoor Cam Mini 2K features both secure local storage using a Class-10 microSD card (microSD card not included) with storage capacity up to 128GB to store video recordings on the camera to ensure you are the only one with access to the recordings. Additionally, you also have the option to subscribe to eufy cloud storage and pay a monthly fee to securely store video recordings in the cloud.


No Hidden Cost!

There is absolutely no hidden cost when it comes to eufy Indoor Cam Mini 2K! It is a one-time purchase and does not require monthly subscriptions to use either the device or the eufySecurity app.

Note: A Class-10 microSD card with storage capacity up to 128GB will be required to save video recordings on the device. Additionally, cloud subscription will cost a monthly fee, but it is optional and users do not need to subscribe to cloud storage to use the camera.


Miniature, Yet Powerful

eufy Indoor Cam Mini 2K is the same height as a credit card. It is a perfect match for a reliable, easy to use, and discreet home security solution for monitoring your home.

Although eufy Indoor Cam Mini 2K is small in size, it is equipped with an onboard AI to detect motion triggered by humans to eliminate false motion detections.


Motion and Sound Tracking

eufy Indoor Cam Mini 2K will follow and record movements to ensure you never miss any important details even if the movement goes out of frame. Additionally, eufy Indoor Cam Mini 2K not only sees, but it also detects noises and pivots the camera to make sure activity is recorded.


Crystal Clear Image

eufy Indoor Cam Mini 2K records videos in crystal clear 2K resolution and eliminates any guesswork about what is happening inside your home.


Your Home Privacy, Our Top Priority

eufy Indoor Cam Mini 2K is equipped with Home Privacy mode that turns off the camera and rotates the camera to your preferred privacy angle automatically. Instead of unplugging the camera, simply enable Home Privacy mode to turn off the camera and watch it rotate to your desired location automatically.


Product Specifications

Image Quality



Infrared Night Vision


Field of View


Digital Zoom


Frame Speed

15 FPS

Power Source

Wired Power Adapter



Two-Way Communication

Yes (Half-Duplex)

Siren Alarm


Video Storage

Encrypted Storage

Local (microSD card not included)

Cloud (Monthly fee)

24x7 Recording

Yes (microSD card only)

Security Chipset


Smart Functionality





Motion Detection

Yes (PIR)

Motion Tracking


Noise-Activated 360° Pan


Activity Zones

Yes (Up to 2 zones)

Google Home Assistant


Amazon Alexa




2.4GHz WiFi


Pan & Tilt

360° Horizontal

100° Vertical



Operating Temperature

32°F to 104°F / 0°C to 40°C