This article is designed to provide a walkthrough on how to use the MACH V1 series to effectively clean areas that usually are difficult to clean using a vacuum, such as the corners and areas under furniture.


The MACH V1 series adopts the design of edge cleaning on a single side. While using the vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to use its right side to clean corners such as walls.


The vacuum cleaner's right side (the same side where you can press and remove the roller brush) has a 6mm slim edge; therefore, the roller brush head on the right side is able to clean areas that usually are harder to reach.

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Compared with the edge cleaning capability of other wet and dry vacuums on the market that are designed to clean on both sides, the MACH V1 vacuum cleaner's design can achieve better results when it comes to cleaning areas that are difficult to reach. Additionally, the thickness of 6mm has successfully passed various rigorous product testing requirements to ensure its lifespan. If the design was slimmer than 6mm, the entire roller brush head and its internal motor could be easily damaged as it would be inevitable for the roller brush to run into walls or furniture.


Generally, the taller the height of the furniture is, the deeper area the MACH vacuum cleaner is able to clean under the furniture. The common furniture height in the vast majority of homes is approximately 6-8in/15-20cm, and the area that the MACH vacuum cleaner can reach under the furniture is approximately 8-12in /20-30cm. Please note that this data is strictly for reference and the actual distance varies according to different scenarios. In order to clean the entire area under any furniture, it is recommended to also use one of the eufy RoboVac models with slim design. The height of the slim RoboVac models is only 2.85in/7.23cm, and they can easily clean the entire area under most furniture.


Additionally, please do not set the vacuum cleaner in a flat horizontal position as shown in the following image when cleaning under the furniture. This is to prevent water from re-entering the vacuum and potentially damaging the entire vacuum.


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