The MACH V1 series vacuum cleaner can enable the Triple Self-Cleaning System with a single click of a button. After you have finished cleaning and returned the MACH vacuum cleaner to its charging base, simply click the self-cleaning button one time in order for the vacuum to automatically begin cleaning and drying its roller brush.

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Step 1 Self-Washing: Cleaning solution is released to thoroughly wash the roller brush as it cleans.

Step 2 Auto-Sterilization: Aqueous ozone is safely produced to remove harmful bacteria.

Step 3 Self-Drying: Hot air is circulated and the roller brush will spin automatically during this process.


It takes 90 seconds to finish the self-cleaning process and 45 minutes to complete the self-drying process. During this process, it will be a little noisy as the vacuum is removing dirt and debris from the roller brush, then the vacuum will spin the roller brush in a 360-degree direction to fully dry it.


Please make sure the vacuum has completed its self-cleaning process before using the vacuum again. If not, the floor will become dirtier. The roller brush that has not been fully dried may also become mouldy and smelly, which will accumulate bacteria.


If you just use the vacuum to clean a certain spot and the roller brush does not need to be thoroughly cleaned by using the vacuum's self-cleaning process, you can simply turn on the independent self-drying mode by placing the vacuum back onto the charging base and pressing the trigger for two seconds.

As a kind reminder, when the MACH vacuum cleaner is in an upright position and idle for five minutes, and you have neither started the vacuum's self-cleaning process nor cleaned the dirty water tank, both the ozone status light and the steam status light on the MACH V1 Ultra will flash red repeatedly for up to five minutes. If you would like to turn off the red warning lights, simply follow the on-screen instructions to start the self-cleaning process or clean the dirty water tank.



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The Triple Self-Cleaning System will completely dry the roller brush and remove any unpleasant odour. Your MACH vacuum cleaner will then be ready to start cleaning your floors again!