We summarised frequently asked questions about the eufy Solar Panel charger for eufyCams from our valued customers. 


Before You Buy

Which models are compatible with Solar Panel?
eufyCam, eufyCam E, eufyCam 2C/2C Pro, eufyCam 2/2 Pro, SoloCam E20, SoloCam E40.


Is there a bundle package of 2 solar cams or will I have to purchase the panels in addition to the security system? 

Sorry that you have to purchase the Solar Panel separately.


What Solar Panel do you recommend using with the eufy indoorCam pan-and-tilt?

Sorry that the Solar Panel does not work with Indoor Cam 2K/1080P Pan & Tilt.


Can I use it on eufy Video Doorbell?

No, we do not recommend it.


How long is the USB Cable?



What are output voltage and amperage?

The output voltage is 5V, and the output current is up to 500mA depending on sunlight.


How can I tell if the Solar Panel is working?

1. eufyCam is in Solar Panel Charging Mode.

2. Connect the Solar Panel to the eufyCam.

3. Make sure that the Solar Panel receives direct sunlight.

In order to get the best charging performance, please change eufyCam to Solar Panel mode after confirming that the Solar Panel is working.


How much electricity can Solar Panels charge eufyCam every day?

The charging performance of the Solar Panel depends on the local weather. With just 1~2 hours of direct sunlight every day, your eufyCam will stay charged around the clock.


Why does eufyCam's battery power drop after connecting the Solar Panel?

The charging performance of the Solar Panel depends on the local weather. Cloudy and rainy days may cause the power of eufyCam to drop, but as long as there is a sunny day for 1 to 2 hours, it can be quickly charged. Please stay on the sidelines, the battery level of eufyCam will continue to rise in a long period of time.


Just in case, please follow the steps below to check:

1. USB connection is normal

2. Solar Panels can receive direct sunlight for several hours a day

3. eufyCam is in Solar Panel charging mode


Is it possible for this to damage the battery? 

No, it will not damage the battery. eufyCam has a power management chip inside, which can automatically stop charging when fully charged.


Will the Solar Panel still charge the eufyCam when the eufyCam is at high temperature or low temperature?

eufyCam charging temperature is 0℃~45℃. If the temperature is lower or higher than this range, eufyCam cannot be charged.


App Setup

Will this allow me to record continuously?



How can I change the eufyCam to Solar Panel mode?

1. Update your eufy Security app from the App Store (iOS devices running version 11 and later versions) or Google Play (Android devices running version 5.0 and later versions). Make sure it has been updated to the latest version.

2. Open the eufy Security app, go to Camera Settings > Device Info > Check for camera firmware to update your eufyCam firmware.

3. Go to Camera Settings > Power Manager > Power Source. Tap Power Source and select Solar Panel.


How can I tell if the eufyCam is in Solar Panel charging mode?

While the eufyCam is in the Solar Panel charging mode, the eufyCam indicator light will not turn on while in charging.


Hardware Installation

Is the USB cable permanently attached to the back of the panel?



Can I extend the length of the cable of the Solar Panel?

Yes, please make sure the length of the extension cord is no longer than 2.5m (8ft) and the impedance less than 0.21Ω/m.


Does it have a good seal where it plugs into the back of the camera?

Yes, there is a port-protector.


Can I use one Solar Panel to charge 2 cams?

No. One eufyCam, one Solar Panel.


Is it possible for this to overcharge the battery? 

No, it will not overcharge. eufyCam has a power management chip inside, which can automatically stop charging when fully charged.


Is it waterproof after installing the Solar Panels?

Yes, we have individually customized the silica gel for each camera, please make sure to install the silica gel correctly according to the instructions.


Can the Solar Panel be installed on the concrete wall?

Yes. For walls or roofs that are made out of hard materials such as concrete, brick, or stucco, insert anchors first. Screw the Solar Panel to the mounting bracket and make sure it is well secured.


Do Solar Panels have to be installed near eufyCam?

The Solar Panel comes with a 13ft Micro-USB cable. We recommend installing Solar Panels where they can receive direct sunlight for the longest time.


Can I install it on the inside of the window?

No, we recommend installing in a place that can receive direct sunlight, any obstructions will reduce the charging efficiency.


Can I use the Y splitter to charge 2 eufy Solar Panels for one camera? I think a Solar Panel is too small to maintain power.

At present, two Solar Panels can be connected in parallel to charge one camera. The Y separator requires better wire quality, and the wire length should not exceed 2.5 meters. The wire of our Solar Panel itself has been 4 meters. If the wire length is too long, it will affect the charging of the Solar Panel.